Creatixo professional diagnostic and online application


The applied creativity psychological inventory is designed so that its results can be interpreted and used for a company and an individual.

It shows results in the form of an output report in which the participant sees his/her own status of nine competencies and their sub-competencies.

Creatixo is based on self-assessment. Thanks to this psychological tool we can get idea about the strengths and development areas of the participant. In the further dialog with a coach or mentor, we also discover more about participant´s ability of self-reflect and about his/her self-confidence.

The application allows companies to interconnect teams, compare results of individual team members (anonymously or by name), and can generate a team report.


What can we do thanks to the Creatixo inventory?

  • The results of the self-assessment can reflect self-confidence.
  • Discover hidden talents and support the team in a partnership.
  • Register a shift in self-assessment thanks to repeated completion of the assessment.
  • Use the 9 competencies model as a common team language for resolving problems.
  • Create a team report to show where the team sees its strengths, weaknesses and where it could lack competencies.
  • Hold development programs which facilitate resolution of specific cases and projects.

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