Creative and innovative development programmes

Company experiences:

Shell Czech Republic a.s.

General manager, Pavel Los
The Creatixo programme opened the eyes of many members of the management team and confirmed their strengths and areas for personal development. Above all, the program provided a method for us to get to know each other’s renewed team. Everyone was able to set their own action plan for development and commit to immediate action. The workshop was inspiring, informative and fun. Thanks

United Energy, a.s.

HR manager, Stanislava Praženicová

The Creatixo program was part of a 360° assessment we did at our company in partnership with Creatixo Progress Ltd. We needed to strengthen managers‘ self-reflection, their awareness of how they perceive themselves compared to the perceptions of their superiors, subordinates and colleagues. At the same time, we wanted to develop in them the skill of innovative thinking, adaptation to changing conditions. During the feedback on the outputs of the Creatixo diagnostics and 360° assessment, the managers together with the trainer set the next steps for their personal development and agreed on the changes they would start to implement in the framework of cooperation and communication. At the same time, in cooperation with the lecturer, we prepared a plan for further training of managers, specifying it according to the results of the Creatixo and 360° programme. The managers greatly appreciated the lecturer’s professional and human approach. The results of the evaluation sometimes surprised them, but they managed to motivate them to continue working on themselves and start setting up changes that will lead to better communication and cooperation.

REWE GROUP Czech Republic 

Training and Development Manager,Linda Rusínová

I chose the Creatixo tool as a support and tool for mutual self-discovery of the members of the newly formed team. Thanks to Creatixo, we have become aware of each other’s strengths and how to be useful in the team and how to complement and support each other. We all enjoyed the workshop and gained new wind in our sails. Thank you.

Denso s.r.o.

Section manager of methods, Ing. Radim Tanzyna „Thanks to the lecturer’s approach, we managed to describe in the team the basic problems of our project of preparing a new generation of the product, to get the emotions under control and to transform from the position of „victim“ to the position of „creator“. We practically tried innovative, creative methods of generating ideas with the „CREATIXO methodology“ and planned a solution workshop. The outcome was concrete steps for us as a team to communicate with our TOP management. We were able to get our dynamic project full of changes „back on track“ and on schedule. Psychohygiene, how to handle stress and what we recharge our batteries with were also very important inspirational steps.“

Tovek s.r.o.

Project Manager, Ing. Mirek Nečas

What we can’t measure, we can’t manage. By completing the test and the workshop, I realized where I need to slow down a bit and, conversely, where I can step up. For example, I was surprised that I have a low self-assessment. I always thought I didn’t lack confidence. So I added to it and surprise, surprise, it worked and I’m better. Through a confluence of many circumstances, I have moved further in the last few months than I have in years. Naturally it’s not all the fault of the questionnaire, but any push in the right direction will help if one is prepared to use it.

Orifarm s.r.o.

Managing Director, Martin Štadler

Implementation of a test for top management and 2 days of a creative workshop. In hindsight I rate this program very positively. Our team has become more united and started to deal with activities more openly and started to come up with more ideas to solve our situation. I definitely want to use this program for our purposes in the future.

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