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Are you looking for strong help in your work? The Creatixo feedback report of the Creatixo questionnaire is a great start for any development program, mentoring and coaching. The Creatixo platform allows you to view individual and group results of the Creatixo questionnaire, manage users and generate and send logins.

Creatixo partners can consult and train companies, mentors, coaches and other professionals in the field of human development.

What do you get?

  • Access to the administration interface with the ability to send logins and view individual and group results
  • Detailed individual Creatixo feedback reports with results of 9 competencies in PDF
  • An attractive psychometric method to your portfolio
  • A tool for understanding the strengths and risks of individuals
  • Input and output diagnostics of development programs
  • Specific development tips for individuals as part of a report
  • Certification training led by a psychologist who will acquaint you in detail with the method
  • Product materials
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Creatixo maps 9 competencies that lead "from idea to result"

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Personal Creatixo Feedback Report

The respondent will gain an insight into his unique order of competencies. Competences that come highest on the list tend to be used more often by people to solve problems and they see their strengths in them.

One page of the Creatixo Feedback Report is dedicated to each of the 9 Creatixo competencies. You will get an insight into the detailed results of the competence and its sub-competences. In addition, we will present 3 tips for development activities tailored to each competence.

More about the questionnaire

Online platform

Take Creatixo questionnaire directly online in your your browser. The platform is responsive and of course works on your smartphone or tablet as well. Answer a series of self-assessment questions. The good bit is there are no correct or incorrect answers. You have as much time as you need, most people found they needed around 25 minutes. You can download the Creatixo. Feedback Report in the app or opt to have it sent by email.

Creatixo platform as well all Reports are in English.