Creatixo for partners


Are you a mentor or coach engaged in the personal or professional development of individuals? Would you like to enhance your services by developing creative competencies and specific know-how? Do you want to apply the development of creativity to yourself, your customers or employees? Creatixo for partners is for you.

Why use the Creatixo program as partners

Thanks to the Creatixo application, you can work on the complex development of individuals. You can focus not just on the personal, but particularly on the professional aspects. If you own a company, you can offer your employees their own development program which will help increase their self-confidence, creativity, ability to self-assess and innovate.

How does it work?

Take a short training course during which you will learn to use the Creatixo application and interpret the questionnaire results. You just need to purchase the licence to activate the application. You can also get advantageous prices for partners.

Help towards joy, performance and fulfilling dreams

You can use Creatixo for partners as part of mentoring or coaching in situations such as:

  • personal development – analysis of personal talents and strengths
  • searching for a new personal mission
  • increasing self-awareness, initiating changes
  • work-life balance, inner satisfaction
  • development of leadership skills
  • outplacement and searching for new opportunities (for employment and creating personal projects)
  • need to innovate own company and support the ability to response quickly to changes on the market
  • creation of innovative business models
Illustration for firms

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