Creatixo for individuals


Do you get the feeling that joy is disappearing from your life and instead you are experiencing stress? Are you troubled about your work which you don’t enjoy? By developing 9 creative competencies you can revitalise your resources, discover your talents, and bring back joy and productivity into your life.

How will Creatixo help you?

  • Bring you more free time. Your procrastination will decrease.
  • Allow you to enjoy in life.
  • Make you feel less stressed and happier in life.
  • Overcome a present crisis (professional or personal).
  • Cope better with work changes and challenges (such as the sudden transition to working from home).

Transform your life with our product

  • Creatixo psychological inventory and individualized output report
  • Preparation and realization of development program with our coach

What do we offer?

  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses
  • Analysis of your talents
  • Personal and professional development to achieve the career of your dreams

How does it work?

  • By using Creatixo you will get in touch with the current state of your creative and innovative competencies.
  • The application will suggest to you appropriate development activities, exercises and games based on your results.
  • You can use the development program with a mentor or coach.
  • The price of the questionnaire includes output diagnostics – after six months you can repeat the questionnaire and find out your progress.
  • By removing blocks and by development of creative competencies you will increase your potential, joy and performance.