Creatixo for individuals

By developing 9 Creatixo competencies, you can renew your strengths, discover your talent and enhance joy and productivity in your life.

What you get?

  • Detailed individual report listing your results in 9 competencies and 77 sub-competencies
  • Understanding your strengths and development potential
  • Specific development tips as part of the report
  • Get access to the app (after logging in), where you can download your Creatixo feedback report at any time
  • Opportunity to work with a certified Creatixo coach to keep up with your self-development

What is the process of Analysis of innovative potential?

We will send you a login link by email. Our app will smoothly guide you through a personality questionnaire. The questionnaire is based on your own self-assessment. On average it takes about 25 minutes, but take as much time as you need. Once completed, you will immediately receive your personal Creatixo feedback report.

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Try out our online analysis of 9 competencies. We will immediately send you a sample of our Creatixo feedback report mapping your strongest competence.

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Get an individual Creatixo feedback report

You will go through an online analysis of 9 competencies. You will receive a detailed report that maps all 9 Creatixo competencies, including 77 sub-competencies. You will receive tips with tailor-made development activities.

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Try out collaboration with a Creatixo mentor and coach

Creatixo certified coaches and mentors will help you evaluate your experience and, with the help of your Creatixo feedback report, plan an effective path to your goal..

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Who is it for?

For all who want to advance in their careers and gain new skills. For those who are preparing for or going through a change. For individuals who want to learn to communicate better and be more productive.

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Personal Creatixo Feedback Report

Learn what your unique order of 9 competences is. Competences that come on the top of the list tend to be used more often by people to solve problems and they see their strengths in them.

One page of the Creatixo Feedback Report is dedicated to each of the 9 Creatixo competencies. You will get an insight into the detailed results of the competence and sub competencies. In addition, we will present 3 tips for development activities tailored to each competence.

You can also try Creatixo for free and get the results of your highest rated competence.

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Why focus on the development of creativity, innovation and productivity?

  1. Boost your self-confidence and become a person who actively contributes to the formation of a prosperous society.
  2. Increase your added value in the job market and get your dream position.
  3. Be more satisfied in your personal life and focus on constructive solutions to problems and challenges.


Is Creatixo responsive and I can fill everything even from your mobile phone or tablet?


Mentoring and coaching with Creatixo

Creatixo certified coach and mentor will help you find an effective way to your goal and will support you on your way to reach it.

Who can benefit from coaching and mentoring?

  • For those who want to evaluate their experience and move on
  • For those who feel they have been standing in one place for a long time and are looking for a push to change
  • For those facing change or preparing for change
  • For those who feel unfulfilled or dissatisfied in their life or work

How does it work?

  1. Complete Creatixo online personality diagnostics
  2. Get a personal Creatixo Feedback Report
  3. Creatixo coach or mentor guides you through the interpretation of your results
  4. Identify your personal or professional goals with the coach / mentor
  5. Get a series of individual coaching / mentoring sessions

Coaches and mentors Creatixo

Should I choose a mentor or a coach?

Mentoring and coaching are very close to each other, and in some cases the difference between the two approaches is blurred. Therefore, choose an expert according to professional medallions and according to personal sympathies.

The coach is more focused on asking the right questions. He will not try to give you any advice but he will work with you on finding your own and unique solution. The mentor works similarly, but in some cases shares his professional or personal experience. Both the mentor and the coach always work to ensure that you reach your goal in the best way and achieve satisfaction.

Creatixo maps 9 competencies that lead “from idea to result”

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