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Open the way to innovation and productivity for your people. We implement comprehensive, individually tailored programs for individual employees and for entire teams.

Basic offer for companies

THE WAY TO YOURSELF (developing creative and innovative potential)

You will discover your current potential and create a personal plan for its development. You will set and implement at least 1 long-term goal. You will work with strengths and weaknesses, leadership, delegation, time-management and feedback. You will understand and combine imagination with analytical and systematic thinking. You will experience new energy and enthusiasm and achieve work-life balance.

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TEAM SYNERGY (diversity, communication and innovation)

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses in the team and guide them towards mutual understanding. By developing creative thinking, you will increase the internal synergy and cooperation of the team. You will identify individual priorities to solve and then implement them. You will try the use of Creatixo tools on real innovative projects. You will increase enthusiasm and motivation for new projects and tasks.

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Psychodiagnostics and Horsemanship Academy

You will check your strengths. You become aware of current behavior patterns and try to do things differently. All this in cooperation with the horse. The horse will give you pure feedback on your mind set. Combined with Creatixo diagnostics, you will experience motivating self-knowledge.

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Psychodiagnostics of individuals and teams

Discover strengths and development opportunities.

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Innovation program

Want teams and their talents to be involved in specific innovation projects within your company's strategy? During the 3 or 6-month period, people also work on their own personal development.

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Brainstorming and facilitation

Are you stuck in a mud and want to get moving? We will guide you through the process of generating and selecting the right ideas.

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Creativity training

Specific know-how and training of using creativity in real situations.

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Development program

We will design a long-term development program, management academy, etc.

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Creatixo coaching

Individual and team coaching with a certified Creatixo coach.

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Next applications of creative techniques

What is the process of Analysis of Innovative Potential?

We will send you a login link by email. Our app will smoothly guide you through a personality questionnaire. The questionnaire is based on your own self-assessment. On average it takes about 25 minutes, but take as much time as you need. Once completed, you will immediately receive your personal Creatixo feedback report.

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Competency model

Creatixo maps 9 competencies of creativity and productivity. They split into 77 sub-competencies. We focus on the whole process of collaboration, innovation and the ability to complete a successful product, project or service.

At the heart of our work is the Creatixo 9 competency model, which maps the path “from idea to result”.


Creatixo personality questionnaire

In our projects we use the Creatixo personality questionnaire mapping 9 competencies. The output of the questionnaire is a clear and detailed individual report.

How do we work with the Creatixo questionnaire?

  • We use the 9 competencies model as a common team language in problem solving
  • We will create a team report that shows where the team perceives its strengths and where it might lack competencies
  • We manage development programs and facilitate the solutions of specific cases and projects
  • We map not only creativity and originality, but also the ability to promote ideas and collaborate on their implementation
  • Part of interpreting team results is calibration of self-esteem and self-assessment of the team members.
  • By filling out the questionnaire repeatedly, we document the shift in competencies and self-assessment of the employee
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