Creatixo – who are we?

Creativity and innovation are our mission. We work constantly on their research and development. We have created an innovative solution which helps to apply creativity in corporate and personal life.

Our mission

We transform dreams into real life, vision into daily reality. We awake the creative potential that lies hidden in us all. Creativity is not just for the chosen few. It is here for us all who decide to apply it into our lives. We help companies and individuals to develop creative potential and bring back joy and productivity into work and personal life.

Our values

Our values are equal to 9 competencies of a creative and innovative person.

  • 1) Courage – we have courage to venture into the unknown, try new things, admit mistakes, make changes
  • 2) Endurance – we constantly work on ourselves, focus on the outcome, are consistent
  • 3) Openness – we have flexible thinking, know how to adapt to changes, respect the difference of others
  • 4) Imagination – we develop our artistry, engage in artistic work, think in pictures and go beyond the scope of established ideas
  • 5) Empathy – we share the feelings of others, help, look at things through the eyes of another, we treat everyone equally
  • 6) Enthusiasm – we are curious, like to discover thingsand experiment
  • 7) Assertiveness – we know how to present ourselves, assert, delegate tasks and say “no”
  • 8) Analytical skills – we know how to look at things logically, from the impartial position of an observer, proceed systematically and structurally
  • 9) Personal development – we know our strengths and weaknesses, accept ourselves as we are, work on our personal development all our life
Applied creativity

Our creativity experts:

Mgr. Jindřich Dohnal

Mgr. Jindřich Dohnal

Msc. Michael Fehn

Msc. Michael Fehn

Ing. Jan Bizík

Monika Kavanová

Martin Hermann

Martin Herrmann

Do you want to become part of Creatixo, Are you one of those creative professionals with an open mind and are our values close to your heart? Write to us. We would like to meet you.