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Creatixo for companies

Creatixo for companies

Teach your teams to achieve results and find out how they can work efficiently during innovation.

  • Facilitating innovation and change
  • Development programs, development centers, management academies
  • Psychodiagnostic analysis of innovative potential
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Creatixo for individuals

Creatixo for individuals

Know your strengths and embark on a journey of self-development.

  • Analysis of innovative potential using 9 competencies (online)
  • Creatixo feedback report
  • Personal / online consultation of your results
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Creatixo for partners and coaches

Creatixo for partners and coaches

A new method for professionals in team and individual development

  • Attractive method of analysing innovation potential
  • Administrative interface for managing users and results
  • Easy-to-read PDF reports
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psychodiagnostics executed by Creatixo

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of employers think investment in building up creativity increases productivity

Our values

Our values ​​match the 9 competencies we believe are needed for innovation

  • Courage – we have the courage to go into the unknown, try new things, admit mistakes, make changes
  • Perseverance – we constantly work on ourselves, we focus on the result, we are consistent
  • Openness – we have flexible thinking, we can adapt to change, respect the differences of others
  • Imagination – we like to work like artists do, we think in pictures and go beyond stereotypes
  • Empathy – we connect to others, we help, we try to walk in other people’s shoes, we believe we are all equals and other points of view matter
  • Enthusiasm – we are curious, we like to experiment, discover and build ourselves up.
  • Assertiveness – we know the power of self-presentation, we can push our ideas, we know how to delegate tasks and how to say “no”
  • Analytical and systematic thinking – we can look at things logically, from a position of unbiased observer. We are systematic and structured
  • Ability to develop – we know our strengths and weaknesses, we accept who we are, we work on ourselves

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